There are two options for sign-up. You can either pay a normal entry fee or get sponsored to fence. Sponsored entry is a great way to raise as much money as you can for Oxfam and to really get in to the fundraising spirit of the Oxfam Open. Entry fees (or minimum spnsorship amount) are £18 for one weapon or £30 for two. The closing date for all entry types is 5th December 2018; online sponsorship will be available right up until the event. Obviously, it would aid us greatly if you could get your entry in as soon as possible.

Normal Entry

You can enter the Oxfam Open just like you would any other fencing competition. You have the choice of entering any single weapon or foil plus one other weapon. The price for one weapon entry is £18, two weapon entry is £30.
Once you submit your entry, you will receive an email to confirm we have received your entry. It may take us a few days to process your entry but, once we have, you will appear on the online entry lists.
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Sponsored Entry

In the spirit of charity, we offer an alternative to paying a standard entry fee. Why not get people to sponsor you? We make this very simple for you; all you need do is fill out a short form to let us know who you are and what you want to enter.
After registering, simply ask people to visit where they can donate money to your entry. The only requirement is you must raise at least the approproate fee (£18 for one weapon, £30 for two), but we'd like to challenge you to raise much more!
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