Change of Days

Avoiding clashes with the Hereford and Worcester Open

We realise that the Hereford and Worcester Open has become a staple in many people’s season; unfortunately the organisers of this event have announced that their competition will take place on the same weekend that we had previously advertised.

In order to avoid clashing with the Hereford and Worcester and also avoid moving the date (again) we have decided to rearrange the weekend somewhat. We will now be running our events on the opposite days to the Hereford and Worcester this means the schedule for the weekend is now:

Event Previous Day New Day Sign-In Close*
Men's Foil Saturday Saturday 9:30 AM
Épée Sunday Sunday 9:30 AM
Sabre Sunday Saturday 11:30 AM
Women's Foil Sunday Saturday 10:30 AM
Épée Saturday Sunday 10:30 AM
Sabre Saturday Sunday 11:30 AM
*Sign in times for each weapon have not changed and are included in this table for clarity only.
For absolute clarity the full schedule is now:
Saturday 14th December:
Men's Foil - 9:30 AM | Women's Foil - 10:30 AM | Men's Sabre - 11:30 AM
Sunday 15th December:
Men's Épée - 9:30 AM | Women's Épée - 10:30 AM | Women's Sabre - 11:30 AM

Unfortunately this means that two weapon entry is no longer as simple as ‘foil plus one’ for both men and women. The choices are now:
Men: Épée plus either Foil or Sabre,
Women: Foil plus either Épée or Sabre.
Obviously single weapon entries are not affected (aside from the change of day).

We are in the process of those whose two weapon entries are no longer possible (those who had opted for Men’s Foil & Sabre), to discuss what route they would like to take. If the change of date is a problem for anyone else, please contact us and we will happily arrange a refund or donation of any paid fees.

Finally for those who now plan to do both the Hereford and Worcester and the Oxfam, the drive between two events is only around an hour and a half and the bester route is via the A449 and the A40 (this will also save you paying tolls on the Severn Bridge). There are numerous reasonable priced hotels (such as Travelodge and Premier Inn) at several points along the route, along with the various accommodation options close to both competitions. Travel directions can be found here.