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Competition Details

Cardiff Academy of Fencing, Ocean Way,

Cardiff, CF24 5HF

Sat, 8th December Men's: Foil & Sabre - Women's: Foil
Sun, 9th December Men's: Épée - Women's: Épée & Sabre

Returning for the seventh time, the Oxfam Open is the original charitable fencing open. First run in 2008 and then again in 2009, the competition was sadly off the calendar for a number of years. Since the resurrection of the event in 2013 we have raised over £5000 for Oxfam's various appeals.

This year's event will be taking place on the 8th and 9th December. We are delighted to say that this year's event is again taking place at the Cardiff Academy of Fencing. This fencing-specific venue allows us to offer better changing facilities, more metalic pistes and a finals' hall. There is also plenty of parking at the venue.

As is usual, the six events will be split across the two days of the competition. Men's and Womens Foil along with Men's Sabre will be on the Saturday; Men's and Women's Épée & Women's Sabre will be on the Sunday. Sign in for each weapon will close at the following times:
Saturday 8th December: Men's Foil - 10 AM | Men's Sabre - 11:30 AM | Women's Foil - 1 PM
Sunday 9th December: Men's Épée - 10 AM | Women's Épée - 11:30 AM | Women's Sabre - 1 PM

Map Sports Centre Location

Location Detail

Cardiff Academy of Fencing,

Ocean Way,

Cardiff, CF24 5HF

Cardiff Academy of Fencing,

Ocean Way,

Cardiff, CF24 5HF

If driving, we suggest you exit the M4 at J33 and follow the A4234, join central link and take the first exit.
For those wishing to reach us by bus, you can use either of the number 1 or 2 buses.
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Previous Winners


Men's Foil: 1st - I. Mulcahy, 2nd C. Lennon, 3rd J. Houlston & T. Corlett
Men's Épée: 1st - L. Stigant, 2nd J. Gibbon, 3rd B. Dishman & A. Stoneman
Men's Sabre: 1st - E. Ren, 2nd M. Chadwick, 3rd I. Ren & D. Jones
Women's Foil: 1st - G. Williams, 2nd A. Radform, 3rd H. Hill & C. Lupinetti
Women's Épée: 1st - A. Radford, 2nd C. Follett, 3rd E. Phillipson & Y. Fosu
Women's Sabre: 1st - I. Sosnowska, 2nd F. Whalley, 3rd M. Dief & H. Schneiders

Full Results


Men's Foil: 1st - H.Bird, 2nd E.Sibert, 3rd E. Ridsdale & C. Cooper
Men's Épée: 1st - G. Hawksworth, 2nd J. Wright, 3rd Z. Clabon & J. Stoate
Men's Sabre: 1st - L. Motillon, 2nd J. Mountford, 3rd J. Anderson & D. Wide
Women's Foil: 1st - F. Allegretto, 2nd G. Williams, 3rd C. Smith & A. Difford
Women's Épée: 1st - R. Mayle, 2nd J. Yate, 3rd B. Fannon & L. Kearney
Women's Sabre: 1st - M. Beddoe, 2nd M. Albert, 3rd M. Narey & R. Beeston

Full Results


Men's Foil: 1st - J. Scourfield, 2nd T. Hendrie, 3rd P. Delany & B. Roberts
Men's Épée: 1st - J. Taylor, 2nd B. Hodgson, 3rd G. Law & T. Willott
Men's Sabre: 1st - N. Lewis, 2nd F. Ergo, 3rd C. Markall & P. Shepherd-Foster
Women's Foil: 1st - G. Williams, 2nd A. Difford, 3rd C. Benson & A. Mason
Women's Épée: 1st - J. Maynard, 2nd I. Pearson, 3rd L. Delany & C. Walker
Women's Sabre: 1st - J. Hawke, 2nd L. Jones, 3rd L. Bell & R. Hull

Full Results


Men's Foil: 1st - E. Ridsdale, 2nd A. Williams, 3rd K. De Lange & S. Topp
Men's Épée: 1st - R. Davenport, 2nd M. David, 3rd J. Cafarow & H. Richards
Men's Sabre: 1st - Z. Czinkota, 2nd E. Ren, 3rd I. Florence & C. Lennon
Women's Foil: 1st - F. Allegretto, 2nd Z. Sumra, 3rd H. Hill & E. Csery
Women's Épée: 1st - B. Fannon, 2nd E. Mills, 3rd S. O'Connell & S. Lancey
Women's Sabre: 1st - I. Sosnowska, 2nd F. Whalley, 3rd L. Deluca & Z. Sumra

Full Results


Men's Foil: 1st - B. Roberts, 2nd J. Scourfield, 3rd A. Rose & J. Thorneycroft
Men's Épée: 1st - B. Hodgson, 2nd H. West, 3rd C. McCall & J. Taylor
Men's Sabre: 1st - M. McLeod, 2nd P. Shepherd-Foster, 3rd K. Azuma & J. Boughton
Women's Foil: 1st - G. Williams, 2nd C. Hale, 3rd I. Findlay & J. Medhurst
Women's Épée: 1st - C. Steiner, 2nd I. Pearson, 3rd L. Mackinnon & C. McDermott
Women's Sabre: 1st - J. Chen, 2nd L. Rachel, 3rd L. Jones & T. Norejko

Full Results

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